We only use premium, high quality products for all your waxing treatments. There are numerous advantages of these products (Lycon and Rica fruit wax) over standard, un-branded wax. Some of the benefits from using these superior quality waxing products are:

  • Hair removal is virtually pain free
  • Higher levels of comfort due to lower temperatures
  • Ensures hair as short as 1 mm is also removed
  • Hair is removed from its root.
  • Results last longer
  • Moisturises and nourishing your skin to make it gentler and smoother


Nestled in the bustling area of ‘Vibrant Karama’, we are conveniently located next to the popular Mumbai Express restaurant. For those driving to Being Me, you will find ample parking right in front of your salon. For those using the metro, we are a short walk from Bur Juman metro station (Exit 2). Give us a call NOW ( 050 2935820 ) to book your appointment OR simply drop in to say ‘Hello’ when you are in the vicinity.